Top Reasons to Fix/Replace an Old Business Sign

By January 31, 2021 February 17th, 2021 Articles
Tropicana Homes - Front / Reverse lit channel letters business sign

When was the last time you updated your outdoor business sign? Most business owners don’t give more weight to their outdoor signs, not knowing that this may cost their business a lot. If you’re in the same boat, it’s time to replace your signs and drive the right customers to your business.

Outdoor signs play significant roles in marketing your business. They act as a billboard to your business, and once you have some cool business signs on your business doorsteps, you are likely to increase your customers.

Here we give you some reasons why you should look twice into your outdoor business signs.

1. Change Is Good For Business

There is only one reason you should change your brand logo and business sign when you don’t seem to be getting the right customers. Change is as good as rest. When customers get used to your sign for long, it becomes boring, and people will tend to ignore it, and they are likely to show little or no interest in your brand.

An old business sign blends into the background. You hardly realize it’s even there in the first place. It may sound cool for a vintage landmark, but you don’t want your business to look traditional and unprofessional when there is stiff competition for the best in the market.

If you have been having the same sign for decades, it may be the right time to replace it and bring some change to your business. You should consider some new graphics, colors, shape, height, and design when choosing a new sign.

2. An outdated business sign is bad for your business

It would be best if you also replaced your business sign to spice up your business and give it a new look- right from the outside. Your old sign may be too engaging or a bit retro, but if it’s been here for some years, you have to replace it soonest.

Again, if your competitors are putting up a new business logo and sign, they will likely overtake your business. It would be best if you did not let them shower up to your business. Invest in some high-quality business signs with the latest fonts, graphics, and colors to give your business a new look.

3. Sign Not Attractive

The aim of having an outdoor sign is to capture customers’ attention and lead them to your business. It is hard to capture customers’ attention if your business sign is not attractive to the eye. Suppose the sign is written in smaller fonts, small logos, and poor design; it’s not easy for customers to notice.

When your sign is hampered with unattractive design, it won’t drive customers to your business. Most customers will stay away or even forget the direction of your business.

You need some traffic coming to your business, and having a modernized sign is one way of achieving this. Once you upgrade your signs, customers will be more excited to visit your business. New business signs are some proof that your business has improved its services. You know, most customers want nothing but the best.

4. You Have A Small Business Sign

If your business sign is too small, it may not portray the intended message to your customers. You may be having a small sign because of a tight budget. However, if you’re looking forward to expanding your small business, you might consider replacing the sign.

When you expand your organization, you should also get a more prominent sign to market your business and drive more customers to your store. If you want to advertise your business to many people, having a bigger sign is even better.

With a small sign, people passing nearby find it difficult to read it. Most customers are frustrated when you have an outdoor sign with small fonts. Get a modern and prominent business sign – one that is facing different directions.  Your target customers should notice the sign when traffic or some distance away from the business premise.  Busy customers can only notice your sign if it’s attractive and big enough to capture their attention from a distance.

5. Give Your Business A Cleaner Look

Having a new sign with modern colors is the best move if you want to give your customers a ‘clean’ impression of your business from far. Most modern business signs are creative and brandy, creating the right impression.  When you have an old and ugly business sign, you are simply sending the wrong message to your customer – that you don’t care about your image and the service you offer.

A modern sign portrays a cleaner look for your business and may help you drive the right customers to your business.  Having a new business sign helps you rebrand your business image and drive new customers to your store.

For customers that value cleanliness, a new sign is just enough proof that your business has what they are looking for in ‘cleaner’ products and services.

6. You want to rebrand your business

The other reason you should replace your sign is to rebrand your business image.  Updating your business brand helps you attract new customers to your store.

It’s an opportunity to fix your business and make your customers believe that your business is under new management. If your business is expanding, you can change your sign and rebrand to fix some old mistakes, capture new demographics, and drive new customers to your business.

When you rebrand your business, you should not forget to work on the business sign – these are important tools to make your business stand out from the rest.

Final Thoughts

Getting a modern and iconic business sign doesn’t mean you have to drop your existing design. You can improve your current sign and give it a new look that matches your business vision and motto.

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